Hi, as a few of you here may know from when I introduced myself, I enrolled on a multimedia college course to learn to make sites - about to start year 2 and still not covered it (??!). Over the summer I thought it would be a good idea to learn dreamweaver and make my own site. It is still in the process - but i honestly haven't a clue what i am doing. Few problems. You can see my portfolio in the making at ASC Digital Media Services - please dont rip me apart too much as it still is very much at the beginning!

I started teaching myself via youtube and other online vids - thing is i think i learned from vids made a few years ago, to go with the software - cs3. Spent a while trying to get my head around using tables for layout, then found out it is not practice any more, went onto frames - not good. Got some good advice on this forum to concentrate on css for styling and am working my way through learning this.

My question is about making multiple pages. You can see my site, if you click through the links at the top, the page moves on the screen as you arrive at the new screen - is this because i've made the pages individually. Or is the done thing to make a template and make each page from the template? Talk of uneditable and editable areas - are they like placeholders to enter content?

Basically im confused as to the basic steps to build a site. If someone can tell me the basic steps, then i can google and research the how to, but searching for things like 'should i use templates' or are 'frames used to design in dreamweaver' etc (for example), brings totally the wrong info really, hence why im asking here. Just for some basic steps to follow, ie make a template, then reuse, only use css and html for a and b, etc.

Also the site, something i think ive done wrong when uploading to server, but if you notice that alanwhitfield.co.uk is the page you go to when you first go to the domain, but if you click around the top navigation, the 'home' is different from the initial index.html - any thoughts?

Sorry if this sounds like i don't have a clue, but i honestly don't. Ive contacted college for advice but seems that that advice is for term time only, so this forum seemed like a good a place to get some basic answers.

Just a word on the portfolio - i am not offering design services so please dont groan when reading - this site is purely to practice making flash and learning how to integrate javascript and all the rest into my pages, and for submission for college work. Please im very open to other ideas, like 'why are you making your buttons in this manner, or this definitely is the wrong way to go about a site'. But if anyone even so much as chuckles at the scouse accent in the animation, i WILL hunt you down with the boys (see avatar) and will be mean business!

Thanks for taking the time to read and any help appreciated