I'm trying to transform the line;-


I have images that start with an 'r' followed by a lettered array thisrt; eg;- rth, rhy, rjk, etc...
The Images are saved as rth.gif, rhy.gif etc...
so my array starts;-

rth=new Image()

the Image then goes through various functions, the last being the document.rhani line above. This line is contained in a loop, and the image will not load before the loop restarts, even with the onLoad event controlling the loop. Firstly, can anyone tell me if this line is the problem? The website is constantly trying to download something. Even if it does load, when an event happens it starts glitching again.

I think I need the equation to show the image without using the .gif, is that right?


gives the correct name of images needed, but will not show them.
Neither will 'r'+[thisrt]+'.src'

Its probably a simple answer!!!!
The page its needed for is www.unitingrhythms.com/drums/drumrhythms