Hey Ya'll,
Newbie here with a simple question that I can't get. I need to change the value of a variable on a <select> question.
<script language="javascript">

	function addNumbers()
                        var val1 = parseInt(document.getElementById("select1").value);
                        var val2 = parseInt(document.getElementById("select2").value);
			var val3 = parseInt(document.getElementById("select3").value);
                        var ansD = document.getElementById("total");
			ansD.value = val1 + val2 + val3;


Value1<select name="select1" id="select1" value="">
	<option name="value1" id="value1" value="1"></option>
	<option name="value2" id="value2" value="2">$5000</option>

Value2<select name="select2" id="select2" value="">
	<option name="value1" id="value3" value="1"></option>
	<option name="value2" id="value4" value="2">$5000</option>

Value3<select name="select3" id="select3" value="">
	<option name="value1" id="value5" value="1"></option>
	<option name="value2" id="value6" value="2">$5000</option>

     <input type="button" name="Sumbit" value="Click here" onclick="javascript:addNumbers()"/>

Total<input type="text" name="total" id="total" value="">
Currently the variable choses either 1or 2 so when I execute the function it will sum the value ie..3,6 ect. I would like it to add the value in the text part of the option ie.. 5000,10000,15000. I realize if I could I could change the value to be the same as the text value but the backend of this software needs the values to stay 1 or 2. I was trying to do an "if else" statement but I am not sure how to format the syntax to work:
if (val1==2) {
}else {