Hi all,

I am a bit of a jQuery noobie, I am learning, but it's slow progress.

I am now tying to build a gallery with a main image area and a carousel of thumbnail images below, whereby the user can click the thumbnail to load the image into the window, or use arrow keys to navigate also.

This I thought would be perfect: A demo of AD Gallery - Coffeescripter.com

I got it all working just how I wanted to, managed to customise slightly to remove arrows if there were only a few image thumbs so no need of the arrows, however, I need the ability to add video and this doesn't seem to support video (YouTube and Vimeo embed).

Can the code be manipulated to allow video, or is it a case of I would need to use another plugin?

If so, does anyone know of a plugin that offers the same functionality, but allows video?

Would be so grateful for any help.

Many thanks