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    Static Website Generator, what's it about, and who uses it?

    Hello all,

    I recently came across this website - Phrozn - Static Site Generator for PHP, after a friend of mine suggested to be using it on his site. I was wondering what this is all about and in which circumstances this would be used.

    Has anybody from this forum used this before? I've never really hard of this before my friend suggested it.

    Kind regards,
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    Not used that particular application, but I use a similar static file generating system on a high volume site to reduce server load. Instead of each page served having to perform multiple database queries repeatedly, the results can be 'frozen' into a static file that requires little resources to serve. There are server cache applications that can go in front of apache and perform a similar task more efficiently, but a php application of this nature can be useful when you need more fine grained control of caching logic, or you need to e.g generate static files on the fly for transferring to a CDN such as amazon s3


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