Sorry if this is an often asked question, but all of the threads that the search throws up are very old.

I have a very big site. 2,500 pages of html that is not in a database. It uses Dreamweaver templates and css. I am about to re-design it, and I keep on reading that I must dump my tables. Now I use tables to index the pages in many different orders. So I would have maybe 30 to 50 pages, of 100k each, and hundreds of rows on each page. Almost all three column. All full of hyperlinks to pages.

I just spent half an hour trying a recommendation I found here: Tableless layout HOWTO and I found it a total waste of my time.

Yes that will create three columns. But it won't create rows of data, unless I use absolute referencing for each row. And that is not going to work.

So my question is: In 2011, is it still the advice that all tables are bad? Or is this just the opinion of folks who don't have to solve the problem I have?

I have a related problem in that it seems many CMS do not offer tables, but I can probably get around that by customisation.

If you are telling me I really should replace my tables, please point me to an example, with code, that will be feasible in replacing literally hundreds of rows on each page.