Hi I'm faithfully reading

Build Your Own Database Driven Website using PHP & MYSQL - Kevin Yank

Except that after successfully figuring out how to instal the MySQL and proceeding to the apache step. after setting it up with localhost for server information and clicking 8080 apache is running saying 'No services installed' when i open my browser i don't get an IT WORKED I get something wanting to download and the title changes randomly everytime I go to http://localhost:8080 and the end is always .part extension. So I'm stuck and have just changed the php.ini.development to php.ini does this duplicate file copy need to be in a specific place in my computer?

I am so paranoid of doing one thing wrong and having no clue where I went wrong . So Please help I'm running Windows XP Vista i'd tell you more if I knew it was important to share hehe. I am really trying to learn this stuff so please bare with me if this has been mentioned on the forum already i'd just really like to get back to my trying and failing but I think I'm at a wall right now