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    Play/ Pause button to Flash inside iframe


    I have a set of flash files called inside iframe. I need to put a play/ stop button into the parent html to control the flash. I tried using document.getElementById[iframename](playerId) but the JavaScript is not recognizing the flash object.

    I am using strobe media playback. Is there any way I can communicate to flash object using javascript?

    Please help! and thanks is advance

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    You sure can, but you do need to alter the flash file a little bit. If you can't do that you're out of luck I'm afraid.

    Just search for "javascript flash communication" in your favorite search engine. For example, it's explained pretty well over here: Bi-Directional Actionscript/Javascript Communication in AS3 | Viget Inspire
    (for AS3, AS2 uses different methods)
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