So... I have a site I launched about 6 weeks ago. For reference to this post, I'll post a link HERE.

I have only just recently started some minor marketing of the site, as the prior work I have done has been design and content. As of right now, my site is a series of music video posts with a few featured artist posts here and there and a music news feeds page (more so for users benefit and to generate some traffic). I have plans to start incorporating playlists as well as doing a music culture blog where I actually write (as opposed to posting videos and songs).

I am a bit confused about how to gain traffic to the blog. I have done some onsite seo, however, I have some more work to do there. Offsite seo I am clueless about. I have looked into rss feed/blog directories, but most of them look like a waste of time. There are some music forums, but most of them don't allow links to blogs within the signatures. Twitter hasn't been much help so far either. I have looked into outsourcing seo, but from what I have read, there are a lot of shady people in that business.

Now, the site is very new, so I don't expect massive results overnight, but I am baffled as to how to gain traffic (without advertising), as most of what I read is all over the place and a bit generic. I know that as I add more and more content, that overtime I will get more hits.

My thoughts is that, in the beginning, I should put all of my focus into only a few methods.

To the experts: How would you market a music blog like mine? What would be the best place to start?