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    Java push content down script?


    Im new to javascript. I want to add a similar function on my blog like on when you press on author. It is a drop down made with javascript. Anybody can help with a similar javascript as I was trying different implementations for the whole night with no luck.

    Maybe, anybody know a similar javascript online which I could modify?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi Donatas.

    Something like that could be achieved quite easily using some very basic HTML and jQuery, steps involved are:

    • Have a clickable item (e.g. author name)
    • Below it have a div with all the information
    • On page load, hide the div with JavaScript( $(document).ready() in jQuery terms)
    • Add a click event to the clickable item to perform a slideToggle() on the div you've hidden.

    To get you started, your HTML would look something like this:
    Code HTML4Strict:
    <a id="btnAuthor">Author name</a>
    <div id="authorInfo"> <p>Info goes here</p> </div>

    And to start, put this in your JavaScript (Assuming your HTML page already includes a reference to jQuery)
    Code JavaScript:
      //Add a click handler for the link 
      //and perform a slideToggle inside of the callback function
    var details = {
    . . web: "",
    . . photos: "",
    . . psa: ""

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