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Thread: Locking in FTP

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    Locking in FTP

    as we should all know IE will allow you to surf FTP sites in it, a second nature to IE if you will.

    Well I want to have an FTP setup where I can have a link on my page ( go to the FTP (the link in the middle of the page does this.

    I have that page load into an IFRAME but I cant get it to stay there. The main developement of the page is completed in ColdFusion but I will implement any code that will keep this FTP in my main window there.

    Any ideas, and suggestions, and code snippets?

    Also I will take any advice of the design of the page (currently only 1024x768 resolution)
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    I'm not sure what you mean. Your link to the FTP site doesn't work - perhaps the address is incorrect or the server is down.

    You can't get it to stay their? Use the src target attribute to direct links to certain frames.

    EG: main frame is called main

    Link to go inside main

    <a href="" target="main">FTP SITE</a>


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