Hello there.

I just wrote the most minimal PHP I could figure out to see if anything connected with anything. I am not on a server; I am trying to do this inside my Windows machine.

My HTML (it has a php suffix, and which works fine otherwise) contains

<div id="kielbasa">
Anybody home?
<?php include "/includes/menu.php";?>
</div>  <!--end kielbasa-->
and in the folder where all the html and php stuff is, there's a folder called "includes". In that folder is just a little text

anything I try
"Anybody home?" is just to see whether the div is working and in place (it is). I can't figure out how to connect the php to display anything after that though. The fellow who got me this far gave me some fancy server language but I stripped it down to what the kiddie pages say to do, to try to get at the basics of what's happening.

There's something I'm not understanding here. Would you like to give me a hand? Sorry if what I'm asking doesn't make sense. I don't know enough to make sense.