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    Question help with an idea

    Hello all.

    I am wanting to implement a tool on my website and need to find out first if it is doable, and next what it would take timewise to get it done.

    I make custom fortune cookies, different colored cookies, chocolate dipped etc.. Right now my site has different pics of the cookies dipped, sprinkled, etc... they can choose the colors they want, find the appropriate pic and click and order them.

    I would really like to just have one page that has cookie on it, to the left or right would have a color bar and they click on the color they would like the cookie to be and the cookie would appear in that color. Same thing with the color chocolate. The cookie would default to dark chocolate but to the right they could choose the color they want and it the cookie would appear with that color of chocolate. Same thing with the sprinkles.

    It would be ideal if a new page didn't need to load each time, the change of the colors would be seamless.

    Is this doable??? If so how???

    Below is a link to a page where you can see the different cookies dipped, sprinkled etc..

    Thanks all!
    fortune cookies
    fortune cookie

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    Using AJAX you can modify the page 'in-place'.
    You would need to take several photos of identical cookies (is there such a thing? Aren't they like snowflakes?) in different colors, etc.
    Then using Javascript you can change the image in response to the users' actions (click, hover, select a checkbox)
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    yeah you can use a plain cookie as the main image and thten use javascript which is an out of this world language for me but i saw a project similar to yours on click it adds another image on top of the image i think the idea would be the same

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