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    some ie5 weirdness to chew on...


    There are several ways to center a box in ie 5... but it appears that standard methods and workarounds do not work in the following example...

    I tried the following:

    - margins fixed in px (this I would really prefer) - ie5 draws the box from the center. example:

    - both margins auto, width in % - Works ok normally, but not in my case... example:

    - 'position: relative' omitted - box centers, but does not accept my negative top positioning

    Here's the problem, I have another box floating in the left. Now, my left margin is bigger than the right when I use automargins.

    Am I overlooking something? Does anybody know why ie5 draws the box from the center when using fixed margins? Is there a workaround for that?

    Otherwise, does anybody have an idea why the box is not centered when using automargins?

    All examples work in mozilla, ie5:mac and ie6 (did not check automargins).


    Rene Braakman

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    This may or may not help you, but my favourite reference point for CSS is

    There is a sub-section down the page which has various work-arounds on it, whether the issue you're faced with is one of them, is another thing.


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