We just recently re-launched our website for our QR code campaign management and point-&-click mobile web page generator.

linkblots - Mobile Website, QR Code & Mobile Video Creation, Management, Delivery

I would love some feedback not only on the website, but also the UI for the management tool - it is free to sign up and use.

With regard to QR codes we feel it is very important to keep some basic best practices in mind when deploying QR code mobile campaigns. It is important to me to know the site is communicating this message loudly and clearly.

#1 Mobile-optimized landing pages

#2 Value exchange with the consumer for scanning (mobile coupon, discount offer, unique content, etc)

#3 Use a QR code campaign management tool to create, manage and track usage (to improve the user experience!)

We would also love some feedback on the front end for the signup process.

Thanks in advance for your reviews.