Hello everybody, I desperately need help, I hope somebody can help me.

I'm at my first approach to mobile development with the book "BUILD MOBILE WEBSITES AND APPS FOR SMART DEVICES", and I'm going crazy after the first steps with the StarTrackr app tutorial.

I followed step by step all the directives to install and configure Eclipse, Java JDK and JRE, Android SDK and PhoneGap, but when I run the application I see this popup in the Android emulator:

"The application StarTrackr (process com.sitepoint.startrackr) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."

Well, the only difference between what is written in the book and my code is that in App.java I wrote

import com.phonegap.*;

instead of

import com.phone.*; (in this case it wouldn't import anything)

Some more informations:

Windows 7 in Virtualbox
Java 7 and Java SE Development Kit 7
Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (Indigo Release)
Android SDK (latest release, just downloaded)

I see that if I leave
at the end of App.java, the error doesn't display, and the App displays the text message from the called xml, but if I erase it and write
the error comes out.

I'm getting very passionated with mobile development and mobile web optimization, I really can't stop because of this error...PLEASE HELP!!!

Thanks in advance.