The use of jQuery below does not work for IE9 but works beautifully for Firefox, Chrome & Safari. Before I rewrite it without jQuery, I was hoping to get some feedback on what I've done. Not certain about standards compliance, just know it works fine for all the browsers I'm testing except IE.

The user provides an action from a popup window. The action references the opener window, removes a few elements from a hidden element and then immediately repopulates those elements with updated values based on that action.

Code JavaScript:
// does not appear work like this in IE9
for (var j = 0, jj = nShifts; j < jj; j++)
     var newDiv = document.createElement("div");
     newDiv.setAttribute('id', j);
     // response[][] array is reference for value that new text node will take 
     // does not appear to work like this in IE9

If anyone has had success with a similar approach for IE, I'd appreciate the help. Thanks.