I am working on a website for someone. He has a FrontPage Themes set he saved from a website. The buttons he wants me to use in my design are from this theme set. They are supposed to flash but when I bring them into FrontPage or try to publish it, they don't flash.

When I went in to study the code on the template, I found that the code for the button wasn't there at all. It appears that the top bar and side bar where the buttons are located be a frame or something because there is no code for the buttons.

I tried copying and pasting and got an error message...something to the extent that it wasn't found on this server. I do have the files with the actual buttons, but I can't see where the bar that contains the buttons for the side or header is anywhere with these files.

Could it be possible that these are being hosted on another server? Could that be why they are not working and also why they are not appearing in the coding?

Under normal circumstances I would go to the website where he got these from and copy but this particular themes template is no longer free.