Hello everyone,
I am working on a website that shows on the front page 8 small divs that are pretty much highlights of content on the page, so it basiclly just links to a certain page on the site.

Now today I read about the microdata and that searchengines have all got together with a certain set of standards, for telling search engines about what the content on the page actually is.

If someone with experience with this type of setting could check if this would be the correct way of using Microdata, I am gussing I am with this telling Google, Bing or Yahoo that - This is an article, I show were the article is located and I also say here is a description of that article.
Below is the code of one of the eight looped boxes.
The code in question has been marked with red color.
/thanks for any help

       <!-- Mini Boxes Starts-->
        	<div class="mini-box-header box1" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article">
            	<div class="mini-box-content">
                	<h3><a href="#" title="Read the blog article Cats must be the cutest thing in the world written by Darling hump" itemprop="url" >Cats must be the cutest thing in the world</a></h3>
                    <p itemprop="description">
                    I so love cats if I dont have a cat to pet for one minute I get so sad that I just wanna cry. buhu. I just love my cats so so so much .
                    There really is nothing better then cats CATS is the best animaals for petting and eating.
            <!-- Mini Boxes Ends-->