I donít know if you can help but I am having difficulty in opening a link in an Iframe.

If I explain, I have four pages

Page 1 containing the Iframe

Page 2 containing a series of thumbnails that opens in Iframe on page 1

Page 3 is the larger image that opens in the Iframe on page 1 after clicking the thumbnail on page 2

Page 4 is a page with a linking menu that has a link to page 3

The task I am struggling with is to get the link on page 4 to open the larger image of page 3 in the Iframe on page 1.

Now I maybe doing something wrong but the code is opening page 2 in the Iframe on page 1

Below are the links to the pages in question

Page 1 Art for Sale - Bertram Enterprises

Page 2 Bertram Enterprises Collection_Ver2

Page 3 http://www.bertramenterprises.co.uk/...2/pages/Dutton 'Reflections'.html

Page 4 Jenni Dutton - Bertram Enterprises link near bottom of page - Art for Sale

I hope you are able to help as I wish to use this on many more of the images.