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    Best approach to fill dependant data?

    I wonder which is the best way to handle situations like this: a form in which the user has to select from at least two (often tree) selects, the first one being a countries list, and the second one a cities list. Of course the contents of the second list depends on what the user selects on the first list.
    Right now I can thing of three ways to do it (with the disadvantages I can think of) :

    1) All selects in the same page, and refresh the whole page every time the user selects a country (too much to refresh every time).
    2) All selects in the same page, but the second select gets filled with the right data dynamically using JavaScript (the script has to be loaded with every possible city, would take too much to download)
    3) Every select in an individual page, and all put together with iframes (this sounds cool to me, but are iframes xbrowser compatible enough?)

    Maybe there are others ways, I don't know...
    What do you think?

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    Well, another way would be to use XHTML-FML or XForms.


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