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    Autocompleter using javascript php

    Now i am using joomla as php CMS... I have to include an autocompleter in the form. Now thing is i have an array already stored with the values that i want to be shown in autocompleter...
    So is it possible to have an autocompleter on php textbox which fetches values from array...

    I tried search but all uses autocompleter fetching data from database but i hv already got the data in array... So just a javascript should suffice..

    Please guide with tutorial or link to example with script or any suggestion which can help fulfill my requirement.....

    Thank you

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    Are you using jQuery? If so, it's quite easy:

    Code javascript:
    	$(function() {
    		// this would be your array of data
    		var availableTags = [
    		// this is the input that you want the autocomplete to work on
    		$( "#tags" ).autocomplete({
    			source: availableTags

    If you're not using jQuery, it's still not too difficult, but it'll require some more work.

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    Thank YOu for the prompt reply.....

    Well as such i am working on php CMS(Joomla) it uses mootools and using jquery with mootools did conflicted couple of times.

    I tried this autocompleter with mootools
    ( AutoCompleter digitarald:Harald Kirschner )
    Above linked script runs fine when executed alone but when i include it inside the joomla website folder it stops i started looking after a solution with Javascript only


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