Hello Guys,

I need some help here..

I have a page that has a grid on it and I have a hidden div(below the grid). When the link is clicked inside the grid it opens the hidden div using the following code for the link in the grid.

Here is my code with the PHP id that I need to pass

PHP Code:
foreach($ct->data as $key => $value){
$ct->data[$key][3]='<a href=#" onclick="part2('.$ct->data[$key][0].');" href="javascript:void();">'.$ct->data[$key][3].'</a>'
Trying to pass a php id to javascript on the same page

Here is the code in my head
<script type="text/javascript">
function part2(id) {
var part2 = document.getElementById('part2');
   if ( part2.className == 'hidden' ) {
      part2.className = 'visible';
      document.getElementById('message').InnerHTML = 'This is the ID: '+id
   } else {
      part2.className = 'hidden';
Added this to my hidden div to show the id
<span id=message></span>
Any help would be appreciated..

Thanks, Dan