This is Patrick O'Keefe and I am one of the co-hosts on the SitePoint Podcast, alongside Brad Williams (Thing here on the forums), Louis Simoneau and Stephan Segraves (Hartmann). For those who remember, I was on the forums staff, as both a Mentor and Advisor, for around 8 years.

Each of the last three episodes of the podcast has featured a member of the SitePoint Forums staff. In episodes 119 and 121, SitePoint Community Manager Sarah Hawk (HAWK) joined me for an online community management roundtable where we discussed the profession itself and the challenges that we face.

On episode 120, SitePoint Advisor Ralph Mason (ralph.m) joined some of our usual lineup as a guest host to talk about SitePoint's "Thinking Web: Voices of the Community" book, which he contributed to.

SitePoint Podcast #119: Online Community Roundtable with Matthew Haughey Sarah Hawk and Venessa Paech » SitePoint
SitePoint Podcast #120: Don’t Rush To SitePoint! » SitePoint
SitePoint Podcast #121: Online Community Roundtable Part 2 with Matthew Haughey and Sarah Hawk » SitePoint

Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoy these podcast episodes!