I believe this is possible from what I've read online but if someone could just clarify that all i would need is to use different variables when making the connections then during the call phase assign the database name before the tables such as `database1.tablename` and `database2.tablename` name??

My real question is this however. When browsing multiple databases on the same hosting provider will it speed up the search. Essentially will I be able to search several databases at the same time.

The reason I ask this is because I am building a game and I plan on it having millions of fields and possibly hundreds if not thousands of tables, especially as it grows over time.

To speed up searching I planned on breaking everything off into their own separate database maybe a total of 100. At any given time a user will only be searching a few at a time however across the entire platform all databases will be searched continually by thousands of users. An example would be User1 will be in que for databases 1, 2, and 3 while User 2 will be in que for databases 2, 3, 4. In this scenario I would expect that User2 will instantly be able to access database 4 however will have to wait in que for User1 to finish with database 2 and 3?

Is this a wise idea? Will the databases be searched separately even though they are on the same host? Are there any more efficient ideas when working with such large database?

I plan on using PHP and actionscript to build this.