Not sure if this is where this post belongs or if there will be somebody that can help but anyway here goes.

I need some help with an issue I am having where some hyperlinks i have in a Facebook fan page are not opening in a new window and therefor when somebody clicks one of them the new page loads inside the iframes window on Facebook.
this is not what I want.
I need the hyperlinks to open a new window with the destination URL.

I have tried using the _blank option in the target box in the properties section in dreamweaver cs5 and I still get the same thing.

my fan page is Real Estate Lady - Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Appraiser - Mairangi Bay, New Zealand - Welcome | Facebook

the url where the fanpage is held is Real Estate Lady Facebook Fan Page
please note I am not a coder or web designer. i use dreamweaver CS5 in design mode mostly and can cut and paste code into pages i am building but I am not proficient in HTML or PHP so please be gentle with me. tee hee.

any help much appreciated