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Thread: mysql query

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    mysql query

    Hey everyone. Here's my prob: I have a page which, depending on choices the visitor makes, queries a database to return all values from a MySQL database which meet those criteria. So far so good. My problem is, one choice they're allowed to search for is a number (a price, actually). Now, the db contains TWO price fields. THe first is the initial price of the thing and the second is the REDUCED price of the thing.

    If the item hasn't been reduced, its reduced price has a value NULL. So, my problem is: how do I structure my query to search for items between a certain price range, since it would have to analyze different fields (price / reduced price) depending on whether reduced price is NULL or not.

    Am I being clear? ...! Can't think a way to do this one... BADLY designed db.

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    where coalesce(reducedprice,regularprice)
    between lowprice and highprice

    coalesce is a standard sql function that returns the first non-null value in a list

    in your case, if reducedprice is null, it returns regularprice

    just what the doctor ordered, and a pretty decent db design, if you ask me | @rudydotca
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