I've been using Dreamweaver to get started in learning web design. It's been a good way to get the hang of things and I wrote most of my own code, but I'd like to transition to software that will help me to better learn the basics without the program being a crutch.

What are the pro's and con's on different programs? For example I think I have Text Wrangler but is BBEdit (I'm Mac based) or some other program a better way to go? I keep seeing Firebug mentioned. Is it used for web design or do you use it in addition to a text editor? Is it a good tool?

In Dreamweaver you can use a split screen so you can see--for the most--what you're doing. How do you do this when you're using a text editor? I'm a visual person and really need to see what I'm doing!

Thanks for any suggestions/info!