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    Google Panda - End of Organic Search?

    An interesting discussion is going on in the WebmasterWorld on Google Panda update. A veteran webmaster "MrSavage" says that the Internet is commercialized with Google Panda. It is further felt that this may be the end of organic search. Another webmaster "londrum" gave the following interesting SE results:

    Here are 3 well known figures, in totally different fields, who must have thousands and thousands of sites devoted to each. but google puts the exact same sites in the top 10 for each

    "Winston Churchill"
    1. wikipedia
    3. nobelprize
    6. brainyquote
    9. time

    "Mother Teresa"
    1. wikipedia
    2. nobelprize
    4. brainyquote
    10. time

    "Albert Einstein"
    1. wikipedia
    2. nobelprize
    3. brainyquote
    Some of these sites have just one pic and a few paragraphs of content related to the search term. Is it not appropriate to show websites that are dedicated to them before the search engine shows a wiki page? It is argued that big brands have taken over the Internet, lead by Google.

    Check the full thread here:
    Is Panda actually the commercialization of the internet? Google SEO News and Discussion forum at WebmasterWorld

    The big question being asked is: Will the Internet be Free?
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