I've been building sites forever and have not had this happen before.

The site was done and looked great in dreamweaver and when I tested it at first. Then I noticed my 'visited' links were misbehaving - on all browsers in both pcs and macs.

I have two sets of a links, one for the side bar navigation and one for the main content. At first all the main content links (supposed to be orange for a:link and a:visited and green for a:hover and a:active) were taking on the body text color (brown) after being visited. Couldn't figure out why so I created a new class called "orange" and tagged all the main content with links as class="orange". A bit of work but it seemed fine and I thought I was done - again.

Then I realized that now all my navigation links on the sidebars (class="nav" and "sublist") are picking up the orange when they're supposed to be brown with white on hover. So, I actually removed the basic a links in the style sheet so that only div and class links are included. I've added reduntancies to the hilt, e.g. #sidebar a:link, #sidebar .nav a:link, etc - all the same brown hovering to white -- and they still turn and stay orange once clicked. I can't figure out how they even get to orange! I'm tearing my hair - and I don't have a lot of it - and have spent all day on this, so if you can look and find a hopefully really stupid thing I missed, I'd me more than grateful.

The site (still under development thank goodness) is drronaldlevant.com/new.
The style sheet is rlevant.css.