I have a problem that suprisingly (not) only affects IE.

I have a hover/mouseover event when a users cursor enters a div, but because there is text inside my div IE is replaying the event if I hover in/out of the area that has text even though it is in the same div.

This is what I have:
		$('#first-r').stop(true, true).fadeIn(600);			
		$('#first-r-info').stop(true, true).delay(400).fadeIn(800);		
<ul class="reasons">

<li class="reason reason-1">
<p>Summary text area</p>

<div class="overlaytxt"><a href="link" class="reason-over-link">&nbsp;</a></div>

So my quest how can I stop IE playing the action again if the user is still inside the same list element?

Any help is really apprciated, thanks