I am trying to create "Small-Business Statistics" web page.

The page will contain several graphs, charts, spreadsheets, diagrams, etc. to provide a "dashboard" of sorts on small-business concerns.

My plan is create the graphs/charts/diagrams in something like OpenOffice Calc and then take a screen-shot of each, and then place them in the web page.

The effect I'm going after is similar to how the USA Today print newspaper used to look in its hey-day.

With this being said...

What is the best way to position images so they are located exactly where I want?

If the page was a newspaper article - with only one supporting picture - then I would just use a Float. But since the entire web page is images - and their spacing and relationship to each other is crucial - I'm thinking using Floats may not be enough?!

At the same time, I don't want to use fixed positioning, because that will mess up my otherwise Max-Min Fluid website design.

Any ideas?!