We can all agree Google always seem to be on the for-front of new technologies, but it's concepts are fairly old.

I remember Google Wave, all geared towards HTML5, only one problem, nobody was developing their sites in HTML5 then.

Circles is cool. Facebook in my opinion has grown too large, it would be very very difficult for Facebook to do the same in such an easy way. They always seam to patch their site up, rather than create completely new revamps. Revamps scare people using FB and FB owners.

Only time will tell if this is a success.

Of course they only get one real shot so making sure the ducks are all lined up is worth some about of hype burn... it's just a matter of how much.
It's like Gmail vs Hotmail. I use Gmail and would never use Hotmail. Saying this I know more people on Hotmail, particularly not-tech. Once Hotmail got the name it obviously became the in thing, even against GMails asynchronous calls.

In my opinion Google Chrome was Google's biggest success ever, that and search engine results. :P The difference between this and other Google products is that they hung in there and fought the battle evolving and advertising their product effectively.

..gives Facebook even more time to launch and push features that rival, or supersede anything plus does.
Precisely. Saying that I have not seen Facebook really do anything shocking with their design and functionality which could match Google's impressive entrances on things.

We as web developers/designer, internet enthusiasts thrive on change, particularly in the field of the web. Can't say the same for other.

If there was a Facebook application which would allow the transit to be made easier then I could see potential, but as it currently stands, unless Google decide to advertise it on it's clean *virgin looking* homepage, I can't see the herds crowding over this.

Can anybody invite me to this. I would love to get involved.