I am not in any way shape or form affiliated with sitesell
My site, boiler-breakdown-repair-london.co.uk
was hosted there for about 6 months by the "webmaster" who set up my site originally, but not any more.

Sitesell in a word are dreadful. They are only interested in selling selling selling. Every question I have ever asked them was either ignored or answered with something along the lines of: you can buy this course, it should help you.

On top of that, their "design package" that allows a newbie to set up a website real quick has severe limitations both in design as in onpage seo.

I moved my site 3 months ago, and despite the fact that my site looks a bit tatty still due to the loss of images that need replacing, my ranking, traffic and positive feedback have gone up dramatically.

Act in haste, repent at leisure applies fully to Sitesell. When I got so fed up in the end that I decided to go through the hassle of moving, they were very unhelpful and even lied about what I needed to change host.

As the only "plus" ( easy diy website creation ) is offered by many others for a lot less money, I really can't think of any positives for this company.