Hey guys I'm new, and I am very excited to come here and post on the forums to help others.

Anyways, a while back http://n4me.eu/ opened and was offering cheap domain names, and free ones to those who posted a lot on http://dntemple.com/. Unfortunately they both had to shut down very swiftly due to unknown causes.

I'd been thinking since n4me.eu was likely a reseller, they would have a website somewhere to manage your domain name. So, I kept looking and eventually found the EXACT site through whois, host lookups, etc. It's the same, just a different URL that would match the domain if they would just fix their name servers.

I don't know if anyone knows, or even cares about n4me.eu, but I figured SOME people here that has purchased from there would like to know about it.

The link to the "new n4me.eu" can be found here:
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