Mods: Please consider this topic before removing it. I know this is off topic but I want it somewhere the relevant people will see it and it's not like this forum is busy these days and this will push down relevant topics. I'd really like to know what's going on here.

We used to have a lot of very good discussions here about advanced topics. For the last few months it's been pretty dead. What happened to everyone? There's a few people still around, popping up in topics here and the PHP forum, but over all, this forum seems to have died. We're lucky to get one topic a week now and as someone who likes discussing these advanced topics it's kind of disappointing and I wonder what happened. We just seem to be lacking posts and people providing input. Seeing other people's views which often conflict with my own is generally enlightening and forces me to think in a way I otherwise wouldn't. I've learnt so much from this forum and the people who used to post here regularly.

Are people still around? In particular, those who used to post here frequently and provide insightful posts: webaddictz, oddz, lastcraft, Ren, Cups, sunwukung, crabby80, PCSpectra, Czaries, logic_earth, kyberfabrikken, Salathe, Mastodont, Chroniclemaster1 to name but a few, along with the many many others I'm forgetting. Is it just the lack of questions around here recently or have people become disinterested?

It seems Michael Morris and I are the only ones who still post here and we tend not to agree Not that I have a problem with that, Michael, I enjoy bouncing ideas around here and having you critique them, you usually have a totally opposite perspective to me and that's a good thing. It lets me see things I wouldn't normally.

I miss you guys, all of you! What happened

Again, mods: I know this is really a community discussion but I'd like the relevant people to see it so I'd prefer you didn't move it. It's not like this one topic is going to push relevant topics to the second page these days, is it? :P I'd just like to know what happened to the PHP Application Design gurus. You guys rock. I've learnt so much from all of you and I'd like to get this place back to the form it's been recently lacking.