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    I need help with changing a full screen mode script

    Ok, so my site have several links (of course) and one of them is an image gallery. As I am using a tooltip script for people to view my images, I thought it would make things more interesting by making my images gallery open in full screen mode, so that the tooltip could work perfectly. But I would like the pages only of the gallery to open in full screen mode, the other pages would have ton open on normal moe, otherwise it would get a bit annoying. So I thought of making the index page of the galleries normal and as soon as you enter one gallery, the window would open full mode. To make people being able to go back to the normal mode, I put a link to the index of the gallery in all pages, but the problem is, once you open one window in full screen mode, ALL of the links in that page will open like that, so my question is, how can I make a link inside a fullscreen mode page open in a normal screen size?

    Here is the script:


    Full Screen Window Opener Script-
    © Dynamic Drive (
    For full source code, installation instructions,
    100's more DHTML scripts, and Terms Of
    Use, visit

    function fullwin(targeturl){,"","fullscreen,scrollbars")

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    Are you reopening the index page?
    If so, as a workaround maybe you could keep it open and use a fullscreen popup. You could then refer back to the index page by opener.focus()


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