I am having trouble with what I thought would be easy. I need to replace (remove) text from a list of text. In the following code (that is dynamically created) I need to remove "School of "

<div class="siteMap">
<li id="school-of-liberal-arts">
<a href="/academics/undergraduate/schools/school-of-liberal-arts/">School of Liberal Arts</a>
<li id="school-of-natural-and-applied-sciences">
<a href="/academics/undergraduate/schools/school-of-natural-and-applied-sciences/">School of Natural &amp; Applied Sciences</a>
<li id="school-of-business">
<a href="/academics/undergraduate/schools/school-of-business/">School of Business</a>
<li id="school-of-professional-studies">
<a href="/academics/undergraduate/schools/school-of-professional-studies/">School of Professional Studies</a>

I am using jQuery for this website.

Any thoughts or insights would be most appreciated!