I was wondering if anyone here was familiar with google calendar API and might share a bit about how to integrate specific calendar functions in a page.

The goal is to be able to add a custom event according to a web form. The challenge is that the user must not be required to log in or otherwise authenticate him/herself manually, and must not gain privileges to do anything but add events. It must be made impossible for these users to gain access to the account, delete an event or modify an event.

I know embedding a calendar is fairly simple, and adding calendar functions is possible with the Zend framework, with which I am not terribly familiar.

At the very least, does anyone know whether or not this is possible with existing google calendar API, and know of a good tutorial for google calendar that is friendly to google development beginners?

Alternatively, if anyone has a suggestion for a better way to do this, I'm open to suggestions. The bottom line is that user input needs to end up in a google calendar, but only the admin can change or delete it.

Thanks a lot if you can help.