Over the last few years, hybrid and electric cars have become more popular, but are they really environmentally friendly?

Electric Cars:

  • The battery (probably a lithium-ion battery): These need a certain amount of lithium to be built, that lithium has to be extract and processed which uses energy (and causes pollution), also there is only a finite amount of lithium available. There is also the disposal of the lithium and over chemicals from the battery when it is life-expired.
  • Charging Points: It will vary from country to country as to the availability of charging points but numerous charging points are wherever electric cars are to be used en-mass.
  • Source of electricity: The electricity that is used to charge the battery has to come from somewhere, the CO2 emitted by the power source may exceed the CO2 that would be emitted if the car was run on petrol or diesel.

Hybrid Cars:

The issues above for electric cars also apply to hybrid cars. Cars powered by hydrogen are only as environmentally friendly as the power source used to split the water molecule into the oxygen and hydrogen molecules.