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    Please help me to have a sample code of this

    Using Livevalidation.js and in html

    Originally Posted by elduderino View Post
    This solution here is not's css.

    the error message is displaying inside a <span> element (with a class of .LV_validation_message .LV_invalid) which, by default, is an inline element. The <span> that the error message is displayed in is sitting inside the same <td> as the input field so naturally it's wrapping around it as it's an inline element.


    CSS Code:

    td.textfieldback span.LV_invalid {

    in your css....this is one solution. the other is to move the error message in to it's own <td> below the input and another would be to make the <tr> that holds all of the inouts only as wide as the inputs, thus forcing the error message on to an new line (this is hacky though!)
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