I'm heaving problems with popup window blur, basically i want popup window to stay under main window for my users.
I have regular popup script that opens window

Code JavaScript:
function writeConsole(content) {
 	var wobj = window.open('','test',
	if (wobj != null)
	   '<html><head><title>sex.it</title><style>* {padding:0; margin: 0;}</style><script type="text/javascript">setTimeout("window.opener.focus()", 2250);window.onload = function(){ window.opener.focus(); }</script></head>'
	    +'<body bgcolor=white>'
	    + content

I'm calling this function when page loads.
Now this is working when timeout is rather hight 2250 if i lower it to lets say 50 than it's not working. I guess it has to wait for browser to finish loading stuff. This code works for IE, FF3 but on Chrome and Firefox 4 i can't get this thing running. And i have seen sites, porn doing this on all browsers but i can't extract the code can someone help pls