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    Is customize font not supported in yahoo?

    I created HTML email-er which does not display properly in yahoo, while in rest of email client it seems good. The problem I am facing is I have used Arial font in my design which is system font, but it is replaced with the "Times New Roman" in yahoo. I have used in-line style.

    The solution for this I tried is, I uploaded my HTML and images at server and copying the page and pasting it in new mail composed in yahoo, comes fine with the layout. But if I paste the same thing in outlook does not take my Arial font and again replace it with "Times New Roman" font. Is this the right approach or am I missing something.

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    I remember having a similar problem with Outlook.

    But I don't know enough about HTML email to know where your problem might be caused, only that I think normally you can style fonts in yahoo.

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    On the left in a sidebar is "Email templates" if you're running regularly into problems, try one of those out. They test in lots of clients.

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    If it's just the links then I believe Yahoo adds spans inside links so that it can use its own styling.

    Look at the html that is actually received from yahoo and see if you can confirm this and then you can try and over-ride it with some more specific css.


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