I'm using the code below to load an XML file of movie reviews with release years of 2008, 2009, and 2010:
Code JavaScript:
function showReviews(relYear) { 
	$(document).ready(function() {
		$.get("reviews.xml", function(response,status,xhr){
			var rootObj = response.documentElement;
			revArray = rootObj.getElementsByTagName('review');
			relyearArray = rootObj.getElementsByTagName('releaseyear');
			revIdArray = rootObj.getElementsByTagName('review_id'); 
			ftitleArray = rootObj.getElementsByTagName('filmtitle'); 
			//loops through arrays to display movie reviews

This loads the entire XML file. Once it's loaded I loop through
the arrays to display the reviews for the selected release year. It works but
it seems pretty inefficient.

I read some jquery docs and posts about $.get and it appears that $.get or
#.ajax will accept a param that will limit the response data to only the
release year selected, but I don't understand how to apply the param.

Can anyone help with this?