I'm running WAMP , PHP 5.3.0, MYSQL 5.1.36 and APACHE 2.2.11

The first excercise using today.php worked fine. I type into my browser -> http://localhost/today.php and I get the desired result i.e. date shows up. But for the welcome1.html , which is in my the C:\WAMP\ directory just like 'today.php', I type into my browser http://localhost/welcome1.html and it returns with a 404 error, page not found. Since the stuff I typed in wasn't working I am using exact copies of what's in your code archive.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong?

I can go through explorer and click on the html file and it works, kinda, but when I click on the link (Hi my name is kevin) it just brings me to a "file///c:/wamp/welcome1.php..." . From reading other customers' issues on this I realize you can't click on the link from explorer.

Help please? thanks, emagify