Hi All

I have built my first website using XHTML & CSS after reading and learning xhtml and css from sitepoint books, which was great and expanded my site by introducing coding ideas from others using only Xhtml and CSS
problem is now i have started expanding this site, new pages etc. I have to change every other page EG. navigation..
I have been looking at CMS and the multitude out there, I am over whelmed by these, I only started learning and building my website last year.
I have put galleries on 4 of these pages with more to follow, the site is image strong and I am not sure which CMS would be usefull for me.
I have no knowage of othe codings JS or PHP except the bit I had to learn for a contact page
My problem is I am nearly 60 and I do not want to go into some some CMS that is not right for me and waste my time, It is only for me to use on my website which is located in the UK for my UK business.
I know I am not allowed to mention my website, so if anyone out ther could contact me to look at what i have created and give me their expert advice, I would be very grateful.

Tony Anderson