in my html page within the head tags I have below js.

PHP Code:
document.write('<img src="'+Email1+'&Address 1='+A11+'&Address 2='+A21+'&Birthdate='+DOB1+'&City='+CI1+'&First Name='+FirstName1+'&Gender1='+Gender+'&Last Name='+LastName1+'&Phone Number='+PH1+'&State='+ST1+'&Zip Code='+ZIP1+'" width="1" height="1">');
setTimeout("location.href = '" + (rid+FirstName+LastName+Email+Gender+DOB) + "&r="+(vRURL+A1+A2+CI+ST+ZIP+PH)+" ';",1500); 
when I run the above in IE it redirects to whatever I have set in the setTimeout function, but on mozz it does not redirect. Mozz just get's stuck with the document.write in transferring data from back to me, but i only want it to do a document.write then move to setTimeout function.

I have struggling to get this working. anyone any ideas please?