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    @font-face with .otf causing warning in safari

    I've been supplied with a webfonts kit from myfonts in order to load a specific non-standard font onto a website.

    No actual otf or ttf files were supplied, just eot, svg, woff and a css.

    The css stylesheet contains the fonts base64 encoded as huge strings.

    Problem is that this results in a nearly 2mb .css download!

    I read that it's more efficient to link to the otf files directly and since I didn't have those, I used an online converter to decode the strings and saved the result as .otf

    That seemed to work and really cut down the size, then i got this warning in safari:

    Could this be because I used the online converter to create the otf file or will it always happen when linking directly to the font file?

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    I see that the message prompt in Safari is mentioned in this article.

    Safari asks for permission to use the font with a scary popup box, which I assume is a security precaution gleaned from the Windows Vista playbook.
    However the font on the demo in that page elicits no such request from my Safari.

    There also seems to be a few others around getting the same message as you but with no solution.

    Is this on a Mac system or a PC? If its a mac then it may be the font book problems or similar.


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