Hi guys ! I am new here
I want just to ask if you know any better alternative to Blogger in terms of SEO.
In order understand SEO, I published my same three articles in various sites such as Hubpages, Bukisa, expert column, wikinut and Google Blogger.
Surprisingly when I do search on Google, all my published articles show up except the ones I have published in Google Blogger.
To curb this problem with Blogger articles, I have spawned many links on several forums, so I received about 400 page impressions and 180 views.
But, despite of that, I cannot find Blogger articles in search engines even if I copy past a big chunk of text on Google search-box.
I don't know why search engines find easily Hubpages, Bukisa, expert column, wikinut even when they had only 2 view pages, while search engines failed all time to find my articles published in Blogger.
What do you think of Blogger in terms of SEO ? do yo know any cheap alternative to Blogger ?
Thanks a lot guys