I seem to be coming up against a number of issues in IE7 which I just can't get to the bottom of - didn't want to start a new thread for each of these, in fact I think some may be related. Essentially, everything is okay in all modern browsers (Firefox, Safari, I8 etc.) however in IE7 I'm getting different results.

Please see the following URL:

Issue 1: Text alignment in search box (top-right)
The top margin used to align text appears to be much larger in IE7 than in other browsers, pushing the text down noticably further than it should be.

Issue 2: No bottom padding on text in left-hand column (Why buy...)
The text fits tight to the dividing line between each section, with no padding at the bottom.

Issue 3: The width of the main content area is too small
The width of the main content area is too small, meaning that the two columns which should appear side-by-side do not and the layout is broken.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.